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Big Data Consultancy

We provide Big Data Services and Consultancy

Our thorough group of Big Data specialists is knowledgeable in each industry prerequisite, directly from the beginning of the plan to its execution.  

Big Data Service

With our huge big data service, you can anticipate detailed advice about the architecture to be utilized, capacity planning to meet the ultimate objectives, systems to improve an opportunity to showcase, information mix with the current solution, data about MAP decrease code and the likes. With our help, each part of the Big Data environment is inside your compass.

Big Data Solution

We can tap unstructured data in your organization and convert that historical data into valuable information and also can convert it into auditing, compliance and reporting purpose so you can take informed decision you can further analyze it

Big Data Technologies

We use hadoop to analyze big data in a distributed environment, if you want to understand who is using it for analysis one example is Linkedin is using it for recommendations of profile as big data we also using other tools just let us know if you need big data service for your enterprise. We also use other technologies like azure for such solution.

Benefits of big data OR "which of the following statements is true of big data?"

It has feature to process volume of data means big volume like social media generates huge amount of data so big data has tendency to handle such volume of data.

another feature is velocity as name employs itcan handle with such speed meaning with volume it has handle with speed.

It has tendency to handle veriety of data.

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Big Data for retail and ecommerce

Support Limitless is prepared to help you in building a strong large information to acheive: Custom-made shopping involvement in expanded personalization. Quickened deals because of dynamic value streamlining abilities. Request anticipating and educated business arranging. .

Big Data in Telecom

Support Limitless consultant will assist you with building a strong large information center for you. Improved organization scope quantification, advancement and guaging. Decreased client securing and maintenance costs.

Big Data Analytics

See how ideal information designing cycles work and how we can assist you with utilizing the equivalent, alongside the best information stockpiling practices..

Real Time forecasting

Support Limitless causes you set up constant expectations by conveying the gathered business information to drive experiences. This makes an interpretation of to speedier reactions to occurrences where a simple postponement of seconds or minutes can prompt disastrous outcomes

We create infrstructure   and support your big data solution

We can help you in   L1,L2 and L3 support activities

Provided Technology Support and Services to many clients globally

K2 for BPM project
Imation for Document Management and BPM projects
Fujitsu for Sharepoint Consultancy.
Microsoft Academia provided training and support
We provide Meridio support and services though it's merged with HP globally

Also worked with global client developed sites and provided Cloud Services